Lou Barlow Joins Jenny Lewis on New Song “Late Bloomer”

The Voyager album coverWith lyrics mentioning a restless teenager, a muscian’s stalker and a possible ménage à trois, the song “Late Bloomer” from indie rocker Jenny Lewis’ new album The Voyager sure doesn’t lack interesting subject matter. But according to Rolling Stone, some of the track’s inspiration has roots in fact instead of fiction.

Although she describes “Late Bloomer” as a “fable, in a way,” Lewis recently revealed in an interview with Rolling Stone that the song is based on a woman she met in the ‘90s, who had a particular fascination with a former Western Mass resident.

That resident is Lou Barlow, most famous in the Pioneer Valley for his work with the bands Dinosaur Jr and Sebadoh. In fact, it was Sebadoh that Lewis’ friend was following around Europe back in the day, a piece of information that Barlow himself didn’t seem to mind when Lewis told him about it.

Lewis said that she told Barlow the story behind her song “right away,” before asking him to add backing vocals to the unfinished track.

“He was really cool about it,” she says. “I can’t believe he actually came in and laid down some vocals. I would’ve been scared to death.”

Listen to “Late Bloomer” by Jenny Lewis and featuring Lou Barlow here:

So does all this mean an indie rock love song featuring references to J Mascis or other Western Mass alternative kingpins like Thurston Moore or Franck Black could be on the horizon? As long as any future tracks show as much wit and charm as “Late Bloomer,” listeners should be ready for more.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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