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Baker: More of the Same

Regarding Tom Vannah’s recent column about Charlie Baker (“A Republican to the Rescue,” Aug. 14): how about Don Berwick to the rescue? Why do media outlets act as if Democratic candidate Don Berwick doesn’t exist? Charlie Baker will probably be our next governor because people are fed up with candidates such as Martha Coakley and Steve Grossman, who are entrenched party hacks running political machines that serve up mediocrity. If Baker gets in, it will be more of the same old Republican fare—more school closings due to privatization; more war on working people and the killing of unions; more war on teachers.

I guess there’s nothing in it for the corporate media with Don Berwick, but Baker will be just more of the same. Why not a real change?

Charlotte Burns



Props to Rohmann

As the summer theater season winds down, I want to thank you for giving more pages to news and reviews about the exciting theater that is available in our Valley. Chris Rohmann knows theater and his excellent reviews have sparkled on the Advocate’s pages.

Sidney B. Simon

Via email


Casinos violate “Happy Hour” Ban

The expanded gaming act passed in 2011 has been called the best piece of casino legislation in the country by our legislators, some news media and, of course, the casino industry.

But how many voters are aware of the fact that this legislation allows casinos to offer free drinks in violation of the “happy hour” ban, which was enacted in 1984? Massachusetts should be very proud of the fact that it was the first state in the country to ban the policy of handing out free or discounted drinks in bars and restaurants. Twenty-six states followed our lead.

If casinos come to Massachusetts, it is just a matter of time before the bars and restaurants resume serving free or discounted drinks. This will only compound the problem of restaurant, bar and casino patrons drinking free drinks, then driving a car while under the influence and causing traffic fatalities. What does this say about an industry which knowingly relies on liquor to cloud peoples’ judgment to get them to gamble more at the expense of safety on the highway? Worse still, what does this say about our legislators who risk the eventual increase of highway fatalities as a direct result of this provision of the law? The casino legislation states that the only time casinos can’t serve free drinks is from 2 a.m. to 8 a.m. It is obvious that the casino industry played a heavy hand in writing the casino legislation. The casinos have been busy trying to amend sections of the law which they don’t like; are there any legislators who are willing to offer amendments to get rid of this disgraceful part of the law which jeopardizes everyone’s public safety?

Legislation that permits casinos to serve free liquor will without doubt increase the number of drunk drivers who will cause accidents and highway fatalities.

On November 4, vote “Yes” to Repeal the Casino Deal.

Michael Eagan


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