Wizard of Oz Performed by Plucky PaintBox Theatre

Wizard of Oz, vector illustration cartoon.
Wizard of Oz, vector illustration cartoon.

Do You Represent the Lollipop Guild?

After more than 70 years since the film’s release (and more than 100 since the book’s), is there any more magic to be wrung from The Wizard of Oz? PaintBox Theatre has answered this jaded question with a resounding, Absolutely! With just three actors, a few props and a whole lot of cleverness and children’s art, the PaintBox troupe is going to recreate the wonderful world of Oz. Led by Artistic Director Tom McCabe, The Wizard of Oz tells the story of what happens when Dorothy’s wish for greener grass is granted. Spoiler alert: She learns just how much fertilizer it takes to get that vibrant hue and is sent on a journey of self discovery that leads back to her sepia-toned home. Though Dorothy winds up right where she started, she’s wiser and more self-confident — it was one hell of a tornado-induced nap. With all their shows, PaintBox works to engage the children in the audience and encourage them to think about how they can express their creativity. This time around, the kids will be the munchkins.

PaintBox Theatre’s The Wizard of Oz: Thursday-Sunday, July 6-9, 10:30 a.m.; additional shows on Friday at 7 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday at 1 p.m. $10. Williston Theatre, Payson Avenue, Easthampton. paintboxtheatre.com.


Kristin Palpini

Author: Kristin Palpini

Editor of the Valley Advocate

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