The bread element of the locavore breakfast is a complicated thing. First it has to be made by hand and second it has to be made of local corn meal, ground by a man on a bike in Hadley. And C, it can't go in the toaster because there is no toaster that works with this locavore type toast. So I get up and put the toast in the skillet adding butter, locally churned butter, maybe by a woman in a room, perhaps. It is from an ice cream place so they sell it to you in scoops. Then on the radio McCain starts in with the shocking lie that Joe the Plumber's taxes will increase with Obama's plan when poor Joe the Plumber can't even get a licence and falls squarely into the percent of the population of fictional characters who will benefit from Obamas non trickle down tax plan, so I listen, get pissed off and change from the radio to Phillip Glass Radio and while all this is going on the toast burns. Tough times.