Got Elinor Lipman's signature on the book, Then She Found Me this weekend. Things were going fine at the writers conference where she was presenting at a panel discussion. "Make your reader fall in love on the first page," she said with the cute glasses and spiky hair. Didn't eat the food at the writer's conference except hot water. So far so good. Snack in car of whole wheat bread from wheat grown in Gill and hunk of cheese, farmstead, and apple. Back inside the conference after lunch, author Richard Russo is saying something about a comode in his backyard and the origins of humor. Get home and start to read Lipman's book. Having tea. Book not bad–sarcastic, bitter young woman thinks her birthmom is without depth. Who wants depth in a mom? So right there on page 19, Bernice, who will be played by Bette Midler in the movie, meets her grownup daughter for the first time says the following, "You like Chinese food?" After that, the omnicient third person pipes up, "Any daughter of hers would have to love dim sum." I forgot all about dim sum. No dim sum in the 100-mile diet. Maybe the 10,000 diet. What the hell did I get myself into?