RECIPE: Pomme de Caroline.

1. Call your press advisor to get advice about the wisdom of releasing a New Year's recipe and whether or not alcohol should be referenced. Call some the head of the Hyannisport Chef's Association to see if he/she has a nice recipe for potato pancakes/blintzes with caviar/smoked bluefish.

2. Call a food writer, say, Ruth Reichel, to come up with a generic, yet healthy, local and ethnic potato recipe for New Years. Suggest that Russian Tea Room thing – can be either pancakes or blintzes, depending on whether the story will be in upstate or NYC papers.

3. Call the head of the Green Market in Union Square to see which potatoes are still available and get some background on the farm. Call the press person again and change the potato reference and include the farm.

4. Call Michael Pollan for a recommendation of a fish that is not endangered.

5. Call the sous chef from "Winter" the restaurant that changes its name with the season, to try the recipe. Have it sent over from their locale on Park Avenue to your locale on Park Avenue. Have someone who eats starch, cream and fish eggs give it a try. (Ed might like it.) Call the press person and have them try it. Ask to see the release before it goes out. Schedule a photo op at a very small, Harlem soup kitchen. Show up at the photo op and serve hot.

RECIPE: Pomme de Caroline

Serves 10 (multiply by 50x)

4-huge potatoes from a local farm

1 stick butter, local

2 small, cheap jars of cavier from the corner deli

1 pint sour cream


1- Bring water to a boil

1- Par boil the potatoes leaving the skin (nutrients)

2- Remove when slightly firm

3- Slice ¼ thick length-wise

4- Fry very potato rounds slightly in iron skillet using local buter

5- Top with a thin layer of sour cream

6- Top thin layer of sour cream with small teaspoon of cavier

7- Top caviar with another tiny dollop of sour cream

8- Top tiny dollop of sour cream with fennel sprig