If so, meet me at the new burger place on main st. in noho next friday nite. i'll be wearing a white parka and black muck boots.

The tractor is for farming corn. Last week I discovered that the corn that I froze last summer is now a big pile of starch because I didn't catch it in time. You see when you freeze corn, you have to do it RIGHT AWAY, as soon as you buy it. You have to take it home, fresh as possible, peel it, and spend all night cooking it, cutting it off the cob and getting it all into freezer bags. When I first read this I thought it was a bit over the top so took my sweet time cooking and freezing. Mistake. Now trying to cook with it is impossible and I might as well take all four bags and throw them in the canal. That's canal #2, closer to the Highlands in Holyoke.

So why am I telling YOU this? Because if this is your ride, you might have access to cornmeal. My source went on vacation for a couple of weeks so now for grain all I have is pastry flour that refueses to rise. its not easy being a locavore. That leaves me with potatoes. Please help. You won't be sorry.