Suddenly on the window, on the computer screen and even near where i put the honey for tea there are these little infintesimal bugs or fleas. I wonder if they are from the mangy cats that visited or are they something I tracked in? But lately I've been trying to stretch my wonderous inventory of root vegetables. In order to do that I'm using some of them as home decor. I'm only one person and I have, like, lots of funky shapes that look great. Here on the bookshelf is the Easter Island squash and there on the ottoman empire thing is the yellow squash that props up the laptop screen. Turns out the bugs are from my new decorations. Sometimes bugs are a sign of a larger issue, like largess. This larder of local food is an embarassment of riches. If it can be shared with these harmless, yet not so decorative bugs, all the better.

Here's a good meal for a winter night that will use up at least the apple portion of the winter larder.

Hunter's Stew (because it's easier to digest than 'goat)

4 chops

1 red onion

1 white onion

3 cloves garlic

2 apples

two twigs, stripped, of rosemary

two tigs, stripped, of thyme

dice onions and cook in olive oil, medium quality.

add garlic until translucent

move over everything to back of the pan (big frypan)

place goat chops in pan and brown the f….out of them

put everything in a baking dish and add a bit of water or wine

add a cup of sliced up red cabbage

cook for around 10 min at 400

Enjoy the "Hunter's Stew" or, if pressed, "Meat Stew"