Today, not sure what ate today….locavore bread french toast from noho with wheat made with "mystery wheat seeds" from Belchertown, and then some kale from enterprise farm in whately and parsnips from a little bag, maybe from whately, garlic from my friend mark stern and butter from cows in VT and wine, grapes from god knows where, coffee from over 10k miles away and who cares what else. nothing else. One thing is for sure, casinos might be just the thing for the Baystate, Holyoke, in particular.

First there are the jobs that a paper city casino will bring and second there are the types of jobs. Not sure if local food will be in the mix but it could be an opportunity for for local hydroponic lettuce in winter. Of course most people's minds run to gambling, prostitution and other sorts of depravity when the word casino is mentioned but even craps dealers and pimps have to eat, don't they?