Too bad its hard to taste the terroir of western MA in the grass fed beef burgers at the burger place in noho. Last night we had a nice malbec which saved a chaotic kitchen, burger cooked as if it were roadkill and fries that I would pay $100 for. A guy there eating with his family, a local chef, loves the burger, the grass fed beef burger that last night, came from a farm in eho. His wife, who said she NEVER ate burgers, not for years until this one, wants a burger for her birthday, such is the local burger burger. their kid seemed pretty pleased about being in the place, standing on her chair and announcing her birthday in October. It is fun, it has a juke box, three dudes own it, the paper from new york that think's it is so hot is going to review the place but my burger tasted like the kind dad made when he was swilling out of the martini pitcher on summer evenings before the bats came out. Not that that's a bad thing but the burger I had was that same summer night burger except aged a season and found in the bottom of the gril, come june…but I digress. I think my order got switched or something.