Last night I made some chicken thighs I got for $3 down the street. The sauce made it. I cooked the f.. out of the thighs in boiling, over-priced olive oil to get the fat nice and seared. These were some cheap-ass thighs so the skins came right off and curled up into little dead bees, after giving up the flavor. It took around 8 minutes to cook four of them both sides. I removed the thighs and eliminated about half of the oil leaving enough to cover the bottom of the pan and stirred up the fried bits skin and meat to begin the deglazing process. Then I added four very small chopped onion from Bashista. They went ape shit in that oil. Then I added a couple of handfuls of rosemary and thyme, stems and all from my plants on the window. That got the oil really cracking and then I turned it all down and put in four thinly sliced garlic cloves that I had softened in the second half of the oil that was just sitting there anyway. So that cooked for a bit with the lid on, then I found some cheap white wine and added about ¾ a of a cup of that. That got the oil going again and I let that cook down for about 10 minute with the lid on.

By this time, the stuff was looking pretty brown and didn’t taste like much so I took out the onions to add back to the sauce later and added a bunch of salt and pepper and a hunk of butter from VT. I cooked that down a bit and then added a bit more water and cooked it all down again with the top on.

At this point, it was great but needed a bit of an edge which is when I remembered the greens. That day I also bought a long green bunch of leaves from C-Town, the place down the street. It is very intense with the texture of thin cactus and the taste of super strong cilantro. I washed the greens, called something that starts with a "k", ripped the bunch in two and threw it into the sauce, adding more water and putting the top on. Cooked that down for around 10 minutes and it was awesome. Perfect. The onions were added back to the sauce. Out came the warm chicken thighs from hiding on the back burner and on went the sauce. I served it to the guest, a VIP, with capusta. Not a bad meal cheap thighs and something that starts with 'k.'