The Springfield election office is predicting a 30 percent voter turnout today in this morning’s Republican. While that would be a step up from the abysmal turnout at the Sept. preliminary (when fewer than 10 percent of voters bothered to show up at the polls), it still would be a disappointment, given the historic nature of today’s election, when voters will (finally) get to choose representatives from each of the eight city wards (as well as five at-large councilors). And let’s not forget the mayor’s race, between incumbent Domenic Sarno and City Councilor Bud Williams.

If you need any more inspiration to get to the polls, check out veteran blogger Tom Devine’s last-minute endorsements, starting with this hold-your-nose nod to Sarno: “Unfortunately, at the top of the ticket there are no decent candidates. There are instead Dom Sarno and Bud Williams, with Sarno being the least undesirable. … I like Bud Williams, but he has no business running for mayor.”

Let it not be said that Devine is all gloom and doom, however. “Fortunately there are some good candidates to choose further down the ballot,” he writes, naming incumbent City Councilor Tim Rooke, Ward 8 candidate John Lysak and Ward 5 candidate (and former councilor) Carol Lewis-Caulton as all worthy of votes.

On the School Committee ballot, Devine adds: “Dynamic School Committee member Antonette Pepe deserves re-election as does Chris Collins. Joe Flebotte … MUST defeat Albano stooge Peter Murphy.”

Devine’s predictions? “Voters re-elect Sarno, but without enthusiasm as Williams gets a depressingly high percentage even as he loses. The councilor and school committee candidates I chose will all win despite being saddled with my endorsement.”