Dill Pickles

From the milky white swirl of sediment, these halved cucumbers emerge a damp, dark green, and seasoned with dill and other spices, they have a pungent, inviting aroma. Though they don’t have the crisp snap of some pickles preserved in vinegar, they are firm, with just enough resistance to offer a hearty crunch.

Garlic Dill Pickles

These pickles are sold seasonally, and were not available at press time. (Damn!)


Seasoned with caraway and dill seeds, Real Pickles sauerkraut is far more hearty and satisfying than many mushy vinegar varieties I’ve tried. Though thinly sliced, the uncooked cabbage still has body and a real crunch to it, and the cabbage flavor isn’t lost to the sour created by the fermentation. Instead of simply being a condiment, it tastes great alone as a snack or side dish.

Red Cabbage

Seasoned with thyme, winter savory and marjoram, the pickled red cabbage is milder than the sauerkraut and offers a stronger cabbage taste.

Garlic Kraut

Instead of caraway and dill, garlic is the predominant flavor of this kraut, offering the sharp, pleasant burn that comes from the fresh cloves. Not as hot as Real Pickles’ kimchi, but more biting than their standard sauerkraut, the garlic kraut offers a pleasant balance of flavor.

Asian-style Cabbage (Kimchi)

Included in this mixture of regular and Chinese cabbages are carrots, leeks (sometime scallions), garlic, ginger, and a touch of cayenne and fresh chile. The combination is a powerful, piquant delight. After the dill pickles, we found the bottom of this jar first and wanted more immediately.

Ginger Carrot

This spicy mixture of ginger and finely sliced carrots works well on its own as a snack or in a salad, but mixed with peanut oil or butter and added to pasta, the flavors of the dish get really interesting—like sesame noodles, but with a tangy kick.

Tomatillo Hot Sauce

Dan Rosenberg of Real Pickles recommended a squirt of this hot sauce on your eggs, and the results were highly satisfactory. Used in moderation, the sweetness of the tomatillos stands out as a wonderful counterpart to the eggs.


Due to popular demand, pickled beets are the most recent addition to the Real Pickles product line. Sliced super-thin, the beets retain much of their original, earthy flavor and are a bit less sour than other Real Pickles products. When they were eaten as individual slices, the pickle flavor was underwhelming, but larger forkfuls provided a hearty flavor with a satisfying crunch.

These mini-reviews accompany a profile of Greenfield’s Real Pickles.