Amherst, Mass. native and Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis (see photo at right) has labored for years under the comparisons made between his voice and that of the legendary singer/ songwriter Neil Young. Now, according to an announcement made by the website, it appears J will get the chance to put his pipes to the test as part of a concert to honor the enigmatic Canadian himself.

The event, to be held at Carnegie Hall in New York City on February 10, also plans to feature the talents of artists Pete Yorn, Keller Williams, the Cowboy Junkies and many more. Additionally, all the proceeds from the show will be donated to non-profit organizations like the Church Street School of Music, The Pinwheel Project, and the Music Unites All-Youth Choir amongst others

Meanwhile, in other Mascis news, the silver-haired axe man is set to release his fifth solo album “Several Shades of Why” through Sub Pop Records on March 15. To download the new track “Not Enough” for free visit J’s official site here. And, for all of you who ever wondered about the possible connection made between Mascis and Uma Thurman during her time growing up in Amherst, check out this Pitchfork review of the J. Mascis and the Fog album “Free so Free”.

While I don’t know if I buy into all the connections the article makes, if the claims made are true then Thurman is responsible for inspiring some of the greatest guitar jams of the last 20 years. Sort of makes you want to forgive her for appearing in such lemons as “Paycheck” and “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” huh?

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