Different Gear, Still Speeding

Beady Eye

Different Gear, Still Speeding

(Dangerbird Records)

By opening their debut album with the hard rocking track “Four Letter Word,” the band formerly known as Oasis makes no bones about drawing a firm line between the past and the future. “Nothing ever lasts forever,” sings frontman Liam Gallagher and it’s not hard to guess who or what he is talking about.

After parting ways with principle songwriter and brother Noel Gallagher in August of 2009, Liam, along with the other members of Oasis (multi-instrumentalists Gem Archer and Andy Bell), could have taken the safe route and retired to a comfortable life in the British countryside. However, instead of lounging lazily and getting fat off royalty checks the group decided not so much to reform as to return from a very brief vacation.

That momentary pause in the action is evident on the new release, and so is a seemingly renewed feeling of invigoration. Without the controlling presence of the elder Gallagher around, many songs seem to revel in their tossed-off and carefree qualities. Standout number “Bring the Light” rides a hammering piano riff over extended “aaaaaahs” and hand claps, while “Beatles and Stones” appears as a shameless homage to, oddly, “My Generation.”

Watch the video for Beady Eye’s debut single “Bring the Light” here:

Interestingly, those expecting a full-on failure or a lame version of Brit-pop lite might be the most disappointed. Sure there are a few clunkers present, and even the best tunes of the bunch don’t quite approach the heights of Oasis’ iconic back catalog. But as a fresh start for a gang of talented all-stars the future couldn’t be brighter.

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