Rise of an animal planet: indie rockers Grass Widow play concert for apes at Boston zoo

Grass Widow (credit: Venita Wadsworth)

Science-fiction fans rejoice! After 43 years and despite a critically-maligned 2001 Tim Burton remake starring Mark Wahlberg, the Planet of the Apes franchise gets a long-awaited reboot on Friday.

In the new film Rise of the Planet of the Apes, starring James “long live Freaks and Geeks!” Franco, the story focuses on the exploits of a chimpanzee named Caesar, who begins a simian-led revolution after being exposed to chemicals that dramatically increase his intelligence.

Though such an idea may seem more plausible than ever in our technology-driven world, what if we counteracted such a possibility now by using music to sooth the savage beast?

Surprisingly, that’s just what the female trio of Grass Widow did recently as part of a project put on by the organization Music for Animals.

Originally organized by founder Laurel Braitman, the animal-friendly group describes their goals as such:

Individual animals have tastes, just like we do. There is likely no ‘music for dogs’ just as there is no ‘music for humans.’ There are things we can hear and certain decibel levels that hurt our ears–but beyond that, species level music doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.

I also got curious about what it would be like to play shows for animals who are normally shows themselves. What might we learn about them as individuals? What might we learn about us?

Nothing exposes the limits of the human imagination more than imagining what it is like to be someone else. Particularly if that someone else is nonhuman.

Watch video of Grass Widow performing “Milo Minute” to apes at the Franklin Park Zoo in Boston, Mass. here:

While the band themselves said their experience at the zoo was “magical,” whether or not such measures are ultimately beneficial to our non-human counterparts or us is still to be decided.

So until I know for sure I’m going to continue playing my Replacements records in close proximity to my home aquarium at all times. That’s right, I’m watching you Goldie.

For more information on Grass Widow or to see their future tour dates opening for indie icons the Raincoats please visit http://wizardmountain.org/grasswidow/.

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Author: Michael Cimaomo

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