The Triumphant Return of Westie Wonder

W.W. W. here. Remember me? Well, I have another question for you. It involves the same guy, same hands.

Obviously, I enjoy sex, probably more than most women my age. My partner is great in all respects. I do have one question, though. When we are having sex, and he’s on top, he sometimes sticks one or more fingers into my ass. The second he does this (and they don’t have to go in very far), I gush. It isn’t always a particularly pleasant feeling at that moment, depending on how wet I already am, but it happens every time.

Is it just that this is such a turn-on for me that it doesn’t matter how lubed I feel, or is there something else causing this? Does he press on something inside me that causes it? I don’t think that’s it, because if he just inserts his fingers there when we are not having intercourse, nothing happens.

I am curious to find out the answer. Thanks again for all your help.

—W.W.W. (Westfield Wonder Woman)

W.W.W.! I’m glad to see that you and Mr. Samehands survived your adventure into elbow-deep fisting to once again stumble across another sexually blessed curiosity. This particular question raises some curiosities of my own:

1. When you say “gush,” I assume you’re referring to female ejaculation, also unappealingly known as “squirting” in many terrible, “barely legal” pornos. Though your real-life squirt probably isn’t as dramatic as those seen on film, I have an inkling that your naughty bits are doing a little more than moistening when Mr. Samehands makes his backdoor entrance.

2. I want to make a pornographic comic out of your sex life. I have many dreams for the character Westie Wonder, a number of which involve ass-less chaps and the ability to swallow villains in all kinds of creative ways. Mr. Samehands will naturally be represented as your eager sidekick, Goldfist. I wonder if you and Mr. Samehands, among your many other talents, can draw.

3. Finally, when in the world does Mr. Samehands put his fingers up your ass when you’re not having intercourse? “You look beautiful tonight, baby”—pop! “Great dinner!”—kapow!—fingers in the ass! Of course, you probably mean “penetration” when you say “intercourse” and not simply sex in general, but I like to imagine it the other way.

But seriously, it seems as though your great-in-all-aspects partner is also great at anally stimulating your G-spot. The “gush” you’re describing sounds like you’re vaginally ejaculating from indirect stimulation of your G-spot, that rigged sponge of tissue surrounding the urethra that’s been known to unexpectedly squirt.

Female ejaculation generally works like this: sexual stimulation (usually from vaginal penetration) builds up pressure and ejaculate fluid in your G-spot, causing it to swell like a pouch of liquid sex-gold. Then a physical trigger, which typically involves a combination of pressure and a come-hither motion from either a curved toy or fingers, releases the fluid, causing you to ejaculate.

In this particular issue of Westie Wonder, Goldfist is vaginally stimulating your G-spot with his gold-member. When he slips his fingers inside your booty, he is applying indirect pressure to your G-spot through your anal canal, a very, very close neighbor to your vaginal canal. It is the combined pressure from the fullness in both these carnal canals, mixed with the motion of your partner’s penile penetration, that is triggering your G-spot to ejaculate. Nothing happens when he’s only dunking in your trunk because that dual fullness, pressure and triggering motion are absent.

As you’ve pointed out, W.W.W., not every woman likes the feeling of ejaculating, which often occurs separately from clitoral orgasm. A buildup of pressure, internal hypersensitivity and the common feeling of needing to urinate before ejaculating aren’t pleasant for all. Unfortunately, ejaculating vaginally is like opening a can of Pringles—once you pop, the fun don’t stop. Once your G-spot has ejaculated from a particular trigger, it’s hard for it to ignore that same stimulation when it happens again. I’d recommend separating your vaginal and anal penetration like church and state if you’d like to better govern your gush.

Yana Tallon-Hicks

Author: Yana Tallon-Hicks

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