It’s funnier now that it’s over.

Last night the NFL referees became the most popular officials in the history of organized sports, as they triumphantly returned to the gridiron for the nationally-televised Thursday night game between the Cleveland Browns and the Baltimore Ravens. Gone for now, thank the sporting gods, are the replacement referees. (The term “replacement” referees, while having a nice, alliterative ring to it, being a double-speak misnomer from start. For as we saw, the NFL’s union officials were indeed not replaceable. Certainly not by those charged with the task.)

So as we head into NFL Week 4, which now sort of feels like NFL Week 1, Free Sport offers the photo above, one of several such versions bopping around the Internet, and the video below, the newest of many “Call Me Maybe” spoofs, for your end of the week listening and viewing pleasure.

It’s nice to know that we can all get back to booing the real refs again. Even while we appreciate them all the more.