Yes. Apparently so.

The Celtics opened their camp this past weekend. And while it’s nice to see the Green back at work on the hardwood, it was very interesting to learn of the off-court summer interest of their star point guard and future face of the franchise, the ever-enigmatic Rajon Rondo.

Recently, “Rondo was at the GQ magazine offices for several days working as an intern — unpaid — to learn more about fashion,” Christopher Muther writes for the Boston Globe.

“In his short time at GQ,” Muther continues, “he packed boxes of clothes to be shipped off for a photo shoot in Los Angeles. He walked through fashion showrooms and met with designers such as Billy Reid and Michael Bastian … In fact, the debonair and low-key Rondo … was prepared to do everything short of coffee runs.”

Rondo, who says he always enjoyed fashion, and can now further indulge his fashionista persona because of his NBA paychecks, seems to have really enjoyed himself at GQ. “They’ve treated me like a regular person, nothing out of the ordinary,” he reflects. “They don’t talk down to me and they don’t kiss up. They’ll ask me to organize the shirts or ask me to do other things, but it’s all very respectful.”

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So now the big question is, how will Rondo’s GQ fashion internship influence his on-court attire, especially in regards to his upside-down headband?