Just when I thought I couldn’t possibly dislike Mitt Romney any more than I already do, I find out that he once held investments in the YES Network, the broadcast arm of the New York “Evil Empire” Yankees!

The New York Yankees? Are you kidding me? Have you no shame, sir?

“The self-proclaimed Red Sox fan and former Massachusetts governor invested in the Yankees empire in 2007, according to his financial disclosure form [which was obtained by BuzzFeed] from that year,” reports the Huffington Post.

(I’ll bet Martha Coakley is getting a kick out of this.)

The news prompted Brookline native Conan O’Brien to observe: “Mitt Romney once invested in the Yankees. Which finally explains the time the Yankees tried to trade Alex Rodriguez to China.”

It’s one thing to have to endure Mitt Romney constantly being addressed by the title “Governor,” when it seems clear that his purpose in acting as governor of Massachusetts was about little more than padding his own personal political stats for a career-minded run at the presidency. (It would be awkward if, during the debates and elsewhere during this annoyingly ultra-marathon of a campaign season, he was referred to as “Mr. Olympics Savior,” or “Mr. CEO,” both of which strike this native Bay Stater as more appropriate descriptors.) After all, he didn’t even run for a second term. But despite his mere four years on up on Beacon Hill, he has healthily taken credit for much, if not all, that is great about this Commonwealth. Most notably, our excellent schools, which have been a state priority since the nation’s first public school, Boston Latin, was founded in 1635! (Sorry “Governor,” you don’t credit for that.)

But now it’s been revealed that he made a financial deal with the devil – I mean, Evil Empire – as well.

What’s the matter, “Governor”? Fenway Park not green enough for you?