As orange hats are once again donned for trail running during deer season, thoughts turn to the Tall Timber Lodge, the best little sports lodge in the North Country. (Located in Pittsburg, New Hampshire, to be exact.)

While home to less than nine hundred citizens, Pittsburg is the largest township in the country. It stretches across the uppermost reaches of the Granite State, where its network of dirt roads provides unpaved passage between Maine, Vermont, and Quebec. The town includes land once inhabited by the three hundred members of the Republic of Indian Stream, the independent country that existed in the 1830s on the disputed border of Canada and the United States. As you enter the town, a roadside marker indicates the 45th Parallel, the exact halfway point between the North Pole and the Equator. And the runoff from the four separate Connecticut Lakes becomes southern New England’s largest river.

If you’re hankering for some venison, either that you yourself have killed, or that’s been prepared for you in their delectable Rainbow Grille and Tavern, you’ll have a hard time finding a spot that’s better suited for indulging in all that the North Woods has to offer.

(The snowmobiling is pretty good, too.)

For more info, check out “Hunting in the Great North Woods,” the Travel View article I wrote for Preview Massachusetts a year ago (before this blog was up and running).