“Because it’s there” has been the accepted motivation behind all manners of exploits, by all manners of outdoor adventurers, ever since George Mallory legendarily offered it decades ago, as an explanation for why he climbs mountains. Which is somewhat ironic, that such little inward exploration would be waged by a community that values outward exploration so highly.

But maybe that’s about to change.

“Due for a fall 2013 debut, Sherpas Cinema released the trailer for their two-year project “Into the Mind” on Tuesday,” Molly Baker writes for ESPN. “The film examines risk taking and decision making in the mountains, chronicling the psychological process of some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders.”

(You can view that trailer below.)

“With broadened topic horizons and new athletes, like ski mountaineer Kris Erickson and snowboarder DCP (David Porcheron) participating in the project,” Baker continues, “the Sherpas hope to invite an expanding audience.”

An expanding audience that will include me, for one.