It may be nice to stick it to Bill every once in a while, as newly-departed receiver and podiatristic comedian Wes Welker noted this past season. But that doesn’t make it any easier for Pats fans who, once again, are left wondering if the In Bill We Trust / Bellichick-Kraft dynamic duo have finally unrepentantly undervalued a popular (and extremely productive) player to the detriment of the team (not to mention the fans).

If recent history is any indication, the Pats will likely fare quite well without Welker. Regardless, the message was apparently written on the proverbial wall when the witty receiver gave his most famous press performance, Mocking Rex Ryan’s Foot Fetish, whereby he (completely coincidentally, of course) managed multiple foot references in answering reporters’ questions about the gridiron game.

A press conference in which Welker’s choice of hat (Bronco Drilling) foreshadows his free agent signing (with Peyton Manning’s dreaded Denver Broncos) this offseason.

Which is kind of freaky.