It’s a good dilemma to have: for how long should a resort run its lifts when the snow coverage on its spirngtime slopes is more than sufficient? For nearby Berkshire East, the answer is through this weekend.

Conditions yesterday were great, especially given the fact that it’s almost April, and that wearing sunscreen was advisable on a day that dwelled at some fifty degrees for most of the afternoon. Soft corn snow, growing more soupy as the afternoon progressed, with patches of green grass here and there. Almost everything was “open” in a late-spring snow coverage sort of way. Because, really, there’s nothing better than dodging soft bumps, and trees, and the occasional rock and grassy patch while listening to the mountain streams trickle under the quickly melting snow, all under a picture-perfect Berkshire bluebird sky.

Here’s hoping next season is as bountiful as this one has been.