Cutting to the chase: The Public Humanist’s current and archived posts can now be found here:

And now to back up a little. Many of you will have gleaned that The Public Humanist is the one blog on the Valley Advocate site that is sponsored by another Northampton organization: Mass Humanities. Since May 2007 the Advocate has hosted our blog written by multiple contributors, most of them MA scholars, writers, and people who dream up public humanities programs. Since then, we’ve posted over 500 posts from over 60 writers, on a very broad range of humanities topics. Some of my favorites:

On Equal Terms: Young Women Vocational Students Face Their Futures

by Susan Eisenberg
A former union organizer turned artist, the author reflects on her exhibit examining the history of women who work construction.

The Last Troops Leave Iraq: A Retrospective on Operation Iraqi Freedom

by Brian Glyn Williams
Wars of choice and wars of necessity: which one was the war in Iraq?

Discovering the Global Popular Romance Community

by Laurie Kahn
Go behind the scenes of the global phenomenon that is romance literature to see what makes it tick and who the women are behind and between its “covers.”

The Newfound Fact of Fiction

by Brendan Tapley
Politics, sports, corporate America: are we in the Era of the Lie? And when the real increasingly becomes the surreal, where should we turn for a dose of the truth? Maybe the original lie: fiction.