In the work-driven culture we live in, self-care is sometimes lost in the abyss of work, chores, sleep.

To make matters more complicated, we all have ways of taking care of ourselves that are strikingly different from one another. Yoga, while good for all, can be painstakingly boring, even stressful for some, for example. And those exercise routines, intellectual and spiritual pursuits, and creative endeavors are just as important as eating the right foods.

Where the planets and stars were at the time of your birth not only impacts your personality, but your health. Because of that natal imprint, each sign carries with it certain strengths and vulnerabilities.

Struggling to find the right healthy, stress-relieving rituals for you? Fear not, reader. The answers are in the stars.

Aries: Adventurous, energetic, courageous, confident, foolhardy

Exercise is essential for everyone, but for Aries, it’s lifeblood. All that fiery energy has to go somewhere, after all. For these warriors, a simple Pilates class just won’t do. I suggest killing two birds with one stone — fulfill your needs for exercise and adventure at the same time. Take it to the mountain with some rock climbing or hiking. Or make peace with your inner warrior with martial arts, boxing, or fencing.

Taurus: Patient, determined, caring, security-loving, self-indulgent

Those with this sign are prone to indulgent dining and are more susceptible to weight gain than people born under the other signs. Hardy exercise is a necessary cornerstone for the Taurus lifestyle — eat hard, work hard, love life. Dancing and aerobics are good ways to get the oft slow-moving bull off its butt. Weight training should be enjoyable for many Taureans. But inflexibility is among their negative attributes, so they stand to benefit from some yoga. Bulls tend to overwork themselves, so that tendency for indulgence should be nurtured at times by kicking back with good food and drinks. Entertaining friends, going to wine and beer tastings, home brewing, and cooking are some of the Taurean’s favorite stress relievers.

Gemini: Versatile, communicative, intellectual, youthful, nervy

The fountain of youth may be a myth, but those with this sign may make you question that. Geminis are so lively and youthful they often don’t have to worry much about their physical state, but more about their psychological health. Geminis have vast amounts of nervous energy that needs to be well-channeled lest it turn against them. These social butterflies benefit from activities that involve their communicative capacity, such as blogging (or vlogging), learning languages, and participating in local government. Social, variable creatures that they are, they do well with team sports, but tire quickly with formal exercise routines.

Cancer: Emotional, sympathetic, loving, imaginative, moody

Those with this sign are incredibly sensitive, which on one hand allows them to empathize with the world, but on the other hand requires they bolster themselves. Self-care is especially important to those with this sign, as simple day-to-day life can wear them down, with stress often impacting their digestive system. If you’re a Cancer, put all that empathy into helping people as much as you can stand. Keep yourself centered with rhythmic exercise, such as swimming and dancing. I also recommend trigger point therapy for Cancers, as well as regular massage.

Leo: Creative, enthusiastic, broad-minded, influential, overdramatic

These kings of the zodiac have vitality to spare and love to live life to the fullest. For them a day not packed with activities is a day wasted — too many of such days can be very destructive to the Leo. Leos should avoid the television. These lions need to exercise their power with vigorous activity — running, tennis, or body building (but be careful with that back). The lions’ tempers will flare if their creative energies are not put to good use — their need to create is strong. Coloring, painting, creative writing, and jewelry-making, are all recommended. Find something to get crafty with — something to keep the hands busy and the creative juices flowing — while the rest of the family has TV time.

Virgo: Modest, meticulous, practical, analytical, perfectionist

Virgos need the fresh air perhaps more than any other sign — they love to feel their bare feet on the ground and the wind in their hair. Virgoans are the green thumb of the zodiac, so even if they don’t have a garden of their own, they benefit from regularly hanging out with plants. Outdoor exercise is recommended, especially jogging, hiking, and snowshoeing. Virgos also love and benefit greatly from having pets, so take your pup for a run in the great outdoors you love so much! Gardening, creative cooking, and flower arranging are all great activities for domestically inclined Virgoans. Having a number of domestic projects is great — as natural-born worriers, the Virgoans should strive to keep their minds steadily busy. This sign rules the bowels, so fiber and clean eating are of increased importance.

Libra: Diplomatic, charming, easy-going, sociable, idealistic

Libras are urbane, romantic creatures. They easily dismiss the need for regular exercise, though they (of course) need it. Libras are social beings, so they should try to entice themselves into exercise by making it a social event. A health club of an appropriate standard — the Libra must be wined and dined in all aspects of her life — or a favorite team sport, such as basketball or tennis, will suit Libras well. Their exercise should be steady and balanced, like themselves. Libras tend to love sweets more than most — an affinity which if left unchecked can eventually do damage to their kidneys. Libra rules the kidneys, making them vulnerable organs for those of the sign. Libras’ leisure times should be dedicated to the finer things in life — literature, concerts, and wine tastings.

Scorpio: Determined, emotional, intuitive, passionate, obsessive

For Scorpios — the most sensuous, mysterious sign of the zodiac — intensity should be channeled strategically. If left unchecked, they can easily fall into a pit of resentfulness and secrecy. Their inner darkness can be channeled through murder mystery activities — reading, writing, or even murder mystery clubs. Romantic fiction and erotica are also favorite guilty pleasures of the Scorpion. Singing and photography are excellent creative outlets for these intuitive beings. Scorpios also have heightened sex drives and, as Scorpio rules the genitalia, they should be cautious of keeping their naughty bits clean.

Sagittarius: Optimistic, adventurous, straightforward, philosophical, restless

Those of this exuberant fire sign must intentionally exhaust themselves physically and intellectually, lest their inner boisterousness boil over. Running, climbing, and track-and-field-type sports are great for releasing their fiery physical energies. Without a regular adventure these signs grow agitated and restless — even if world traveling isn’t always a possibility, day trips or exploring can prevent a spike of restless energy that suddenly finds them moving across the country. Reading and writing can channel their need for adventure and for intellectual stimulation. And easy on that liver! A combined love for drink and the Sagittariun ruling of the liver should prompt caution.

Capricorn: Prudent, ambitious, patient, humorous, stubborn

Practical, desk-dwelling individuals that they tend to be, the best advice I can give Capricorns is: move! Inflexibility is something Capricorns struggle with — both mentally and physically. Stiff joints, arthritic conditions, and weak knees — Capricorns rule the knees — are common Capricorn ailments that can be addressed brilliantly with yoga. Yoga can also help them let go of old grudges. Capricorns require regular time outdoors, so I also recommend golf and hiking. Their keen wits are well sharpened through regular debate and some good reading. Engaging with politics is often a favorite Capricorn hobby.

Aquarius: Humanitarian, inventive, independent, intellectual, detached

Aquarians need to feel that what they’re doing is helping the world, but must sometimes be reminded to take care of themselves in the process. Like all air signs, Aquarians do well with a light, nourishing diet. They also seem to be at their best in the cold weather and often enjoy winter sports. Since their circulatory systems and their ankles are most susceptible, Aquarians should be sure to wear windproof clothing and supportive shoes while enjoying the outdoors. An Aquarius will likely not enjoy going to the gym or standard exercise classes, but will thrive in martial arts, yoga, meditation, or other modes of uniting mind, body, and spirit. Astronomy, science fiction, and philosophy are likely hobbies.

Pisces: Imaginative, sensitive, compassionate, selfless, escapist

Self-care can make a Pisces feel like a fish out of water. They often work and love so selflessly that they lose themselves in the process. Much like their fellow water sign, Cancer, Pisceans easily absorb vibrations in their surrounding environment, meaning they can be physically affected by an unkind word. Their sensitive systems can go haywire for emotional reasons, making them prone to stomach upsets and migraines. Trigger point therapy and massage are recommended. A regular yoga practice can also help Pisceans let go of negative emotions before they manifest physically. Exercise should remain rhythmic and gentle for these sensitive creatures. Kayaking and dancing are also great for them. To dull the noise of the world around them, those with this sign tend to turn to drinking too much, smoking cigarettes, or other means of temporary comfort — all of which should be tempered.•

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