There may be record sunshine outside this September, but inside the area music circuit, the forecast is for winds of change.

Not the least of which can be found in Colorway, a fairly new vehicle for the words and music of scene stalwart Alex Johnson. The band will be changing out — and debuting — two of its three members this weekend.

“Definitely came as a bit of a surprise to me as we just released our second album,” Johnson admits. “But drummer J.J. O’Connell has become just too damn in-demand, touring the world with Heather Maloney and MC Frontalot. And bassist David Hayes has some other things to focus on now.”

Enter the new drummer/bass battery of Riley Godleski and Matt Clegg — both of whom will make their live Colorway premiere this Saturday, Sept. 19, at 8 p.m., Noho’s Basement. Admission is free. Albany surf-rockers Kimono Dragons get the opening nod.

In other news, former Foxwoods Idol winner Olivia Gaines went out with a Bang at The Pavilion in Old Lyme, Connecticut, last week.

“This is the last time we will ever play together as Bang,” she informed the sun-soaked attendees packed onto the venue’s deck. She would later tell the Crawler that after three and half years on the scene and a lot of talking about it, the decision to divest the project seemed like the best option for all. For her part, Gaines says she has gained some new bandmates from the Connecticut and Rhode Island area with eyes at breaking into the original music market.

“We’re a bunch of twenty-somethings that call ourselves Joon, and our music has been likened to everything from Stevie Wonder and Dave Matthews to Red Hot Chili Peppers and No Doubt,” she said.

Look for a new EP from Joon to drop later this fall. For more info on the project or impending live performances, kindly point your browser to

Meanwhile, it appears that Gaines’ father, Billy, and his Johnny Sixgun band will join regionally-known rockers RTM and bluesman extraordinaire Jeff Pitchell for a little “pet project” at the Pleasant View Golf Center in Somers, Connecticut, this Saturday, Sept. 19.

“I have known the guys in RTM and Sixgun since I was 5 years old, and I am the founder of the Rescue Me Peach Marie,” notes show organizer Tamara Dunn. “So, this is my fourth benefit, and RTM has played it every time and this will be Sixgun’s second. But I wanted to go big so I reached out to Jeff Pitchell, and when he found out the proceeds were going toward animal rescue in the greater Hartford area where he lives, he was thrilled to sign on.”

Tix for the Rock ’n’ Blues Animal Rescue Festival are $25, and include entertainment and food; (860) 436-0806.

Speaking of ‘pet sounds,’ iconic female rocker June Millington is lending her talents — and considerable draw — to Easthampton’s new Treecat Cafe. Millington is credited with being one of the very first members in an all-female rock band to be signed by a national label. Before there were Runaways, Go-Gos or Bangles, there was Fanny.

The suggested donation for Millington’s Sept. 17, engagement is $20 for the public-at-large, $5 for Treehouse Community members. For more info on the show or the youth run organization, visit

Last, but not least, what better place for Ray Mason’s 65th birthday bash than Springfield’s Bing? The pride of Haydenville and his trusty Silvertone guitar cut the cake — and plow through his massive catalog — at the historic venue this Friday, Sept. 18. Admission is $5. Doors open at 7:30 p.m.

With all this timely local news, suitable space for the Crawler’s interview with Kansas’ David Ragsdale appears to have disappeared … like dust in the wind? Next week, promise!•

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