A night of short films from local independent filmmakers, including the world premiere of horror short Girl In The Basement by Jared Skolnick.

Here’s the line up: The Answer also by Skolnick — One of the oldest questions is settled.

Protesters by Marty Lang — An abortion clinic protester meets his match when a second protester shows up to support the women using the clinic’s services.

Enough To Be Dangerous by Alby Ravenswood — A young private detective with a strange drug habit has one day to solve a murder case involving surgical robots, with his client’s innocence on the line.

Transits by Dimitri LaBarge — A man in an afterworld escorts angry souls to peace, but after a mysterious woman arrives, he must investigate clues to his own happiness and destiny.

Or Else I Shall Be Lost by Ben Tobin — A boy hunts the dragon that burned his town and comes to learn that revenge may not be the answer.

Lost In Bloom by Mike Messina — In the months following an experimental brain treatment, Ethan enjoys newfound confidence and clarity, until unforeseen complications bring him to question the nature of free will and the fallacy of true love.

Girl In The Basement — A young woman is kidnapped by a serial killer; only on the day of her intended death, fate shifts and the killer accidentally dies, leaving the girl trapped in his basement.

Short Film Showcase, Thursday, Nov. 12, 7 p.m. Tickets will be on sale at the door. $9 adults, $8 for seniors and military. Greenfield Garden Cinemas, 361 Main St., Greenfield.

These films are unrated, but given the content of the films we strongly discourage bringing children under the age of 13.