– A huge faucet that releases a daily torrent of craft beer (bring your growlers)

– A basketball hoop

– A big fat “$”

– An “O,” to give ’90s singer/songwriter Shawn Colvin her moment to shine

– For that matter, add an M too, and rearrange the letters to form “MCLOVIN”

– A sketch of Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. That way, when the rest of the letters disappear, passersby can play Pictionary to guess the establishment’s name

– A marijuana dispensing machine for preshow, erm, medication

– A Ferris wheel for pigeons

– A round dish off a table at neighboring restaurant Jake’s

– Rip down all the letters and take a tip from the Purple One: become known as The Establishment Formerly Known As Calvin (then, in a few years, get that “A” and go back to Calvin)

– A water bowl that descends when dog lovers stroll by with their pups

– A different artwork every month

– The eye of Sauron

– A clock that counts down to the next Pride parade

– A giant speaker, dude!

– A screen streaming the San Diego Zoo’s panda cam