Nightcrawler: (Sex) Change-Up

Connolly Ryan leads his merry band of albino funk/eunuch rock, Seussean punk/gynecological groove-meisters - more commonly known as Pocketful of Sexchange - to Florence's 13th Floor this Saturday, June 18. Photo courtesy of David Keating.

Pocketful of Sexchange reunites scene staples

The Pixies’ Frank Black famously referenced them as a “dangerously untethered band specializing in abandon and dementia.” They’ve also shared stages with area upstarts The Unband and Fountains of Menstrual Pain, to name a choice two.

But the truth is, it’s been a long time since scene staples Connolly Ryan, Mike Flood, David Keating and Kurt Fedora rock ‘n’ rolled as Pocketful of Sexchange. A good 15 years, by Keating’s account.

All of that will change this Saturday, June 18 when Sexchange joins Steve Westfield of Pajama Slave Dancer infamy at the 13th Floor in Florence.

“Amid the fire-storm of bathroom politics, Pocketful of Sexchange has risen from the ashes like a phoenix of hijinks to reclaim its role as diversity’s poolboy,” declares Ryan.

Don’t grab those swim trunks just yet, however. As Keating is quick to note, this weekend’s fete is really a “reunion with some old friends who played in multiple projects during the heyday of The Bay State Hotel.”

“So at this point, it’s certainly looking like a one-off live,” he admits. “Then again, I wouldn’t rule out a new recording.”

Doors open at 8 p.m. for this 21+ show. Admission is $6.

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Gary Carra

Author: Gary Carra

Editor of the Valley Advocate

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