Body of Work


Living wage legislation seems like a flurry of statistics and economic reports until you focus in on the faces, voices, and lives of the millions of Americans affected by low-wage work. Pioneer Valley Workers — in collaboration with curators and artists Lelsie Lynn Lucio, Adam Reid, Seth Gregory, and Javiera Benavente — present an exhibition this month that portrays Northampton’s low-wage workers, creating a connection between these employees and the communities they serve daily. A series of events, including a film forum, a worker panel, and worker-led musical groups, accompany the exhibition.

We Are Not Machines/No Somos Màquinas – Voices of Northampton Restaurant Workers: Opening Sunday. Through July 16. Free. A.P.E. Gallery, 126 Main St., Northampton. (413) 586-5553,

 — Hunter Styles