Rosco just #can’t. After a full week of being a good dog — messing outside, not messing in the house, and being generally adorable — here he is, out on a river, of all places, hanging with these kids.

“I’m too old for this,” he mutters to himself, sipping on an iced Dunkin’ coffee.

Trish and Ashlee gather the dogs for a group shot to commemorate the sunny Saturday afternoon on the Connecticut River in Hadley.

Being 10 years old, Rosco has taken his fair share of photos. He sits up and lifts his fur to look extra plush. Beside him the pups (from right to left) Lucy-Lu, 4, Bradley, 6, and Javin, 5, splash and play, ignoring the commands to sit until a rock in Ashlee’s hand catches their attention for a quick moment. Their commotion gets water on Rosco’s coat.

His eyes narrow: “Just take the picture already,” he growls.

And snap! another photo of Rosco, another moment to remember, another sip of the coffee. So it goes.

 — Kristin Palpini,