Back Talk: Climate change, pipe-dreams, and kids with weed

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Bad Seeds? Kids and Weed

Comments left on “Bad Seeds: Will legal recreational weed lead to more stoned students?” at

Paul Hurteau: Ask a politician if they are pro-choice … Wait for their answer and then ask them about marijuana.

Ian James: Quit hiding behind the children. Those kids will soon be adults and distrust you for lying about the devil weed. Scare tactics only ruin your credibility. Prohibition is the opposite of liberty. Legalize for adults and regulate like beer.


Climate Change Is …

There are myriad concerns over rising global average temperatures. Let us count the ways! The spread of toxic algae, for starters. Shrinking habitat for cold-water fish such as trout. Stronger upper atmospheric turbulence when flying. A diminishing barrier of sea ice separating continents and potential adversaries. Extreme weather patterns responsible for drought and floods. An increase in skin diseases like melanoma. Wars fought over clean water supplies and behavior. Unwanted species of insects extending their range northward. The reduction of varieties of crops once suitable to a given area. Poorer air quality causing an increase in respiratory illnesses. There are myriad problems associated with global warming. What climate changes is not; a Chinese hoax, as Republic presidential candidate Donald Trump professes!

Bill Paul



Bike Trails and Pipe-Dreams

Your article on bicycle commuting (“Bike On,” Oct. 6-12, 2016) perfectly illustrates the consistent liberal tendency to commit the logical fallacy of “wishful thinking.”

Wishing that people were different does not make them so. When 99.2 percent of the people do not do what you want, in spite of all the good you claim will follow, it is time to accept reality. Polls that show support are mostly manifestations of more wishful thinking.

The bike trail from B-town to Noho is perfectly suited to commuting, but few do. I suspect most people going to work on a bike are DUIs. We built it and they did not come. Support bike trails for recreation, not a phony pipe-dream. Stop wasting more money.

John P. Saccavio


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