Staff Picks JenHell Night at The Quarters • Sunday

Hell Night returns to The Quarters on what many people consider “Devil’s Night,” the night before Halloween. There will be horror movies viewed on a projector all night as well as five hours of DJs spinning the best of all metal genres. Spicy food and drink specials are on the menu as well. Hosted by The Quarters and Promotorhead Entertainment. 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. 8 Railroad St., Hadley.  — Jennifer Levesque

Northampton Restaurant Week • All WeekStaff Picks Kristin

Next week, restaurants all over Noho are cooking up special menu items to highlight the fall harvest from local farms and producers. Whether you’re looking for a  three-course date night at a fancy French restaurant, good ol’ home cooked American comfort food, or tacos and margaritas with friends, even the most fickle foodies are sure to go home sated. Oct. 31 to Nov. 6. — Kristin Palpini

Staff Picks Hunter StylesGreenfield’s 5-Band Halloween Party • Saturday

When Mandy Pachios sings, everyone listens. We can’t wait to hit up the Arts Block in Greenfield this weekend to catch her band The Mary Jane Jones play two soulful sets alongside the rock and roll machine Trailer Park, the avant-indie junkyard rocker Wishbone Zoe, the 10-piece crazypants ensemble The Leafies You Gave Me, and synth-cello act Darklight. It’s all at  289 Main St. starting at 8 p.m. $12-$15.   — Hunter Styles

Henry Rollins • FridayStaff Picks Peter Vancini

Rollins has been many things since his days as the frontman for Black Flag: author, actor, and radio/TV host, to name a few. He takes to the stage these days for what he calls “talking shows,” spoken word performances with commentary on culture and politics, as well as anecdotes from a life well lived. The result is funny, insightful, and damn entertaining. He’s coming to the Academy of Music Theatre this Friday on a four-plus month tour of nearly daily shows. Oct. 28, 8-11 p.m. 274 Main St., Northampton. $25-$35. — Peter Vancini