Talk to Pour Man Warren Johnston if you want excellent suggestions for which wine to serve at your next dinner party. Hit up Beerhunter Hunter Styles to find the best brews to drink with your buds. But if you want to know the best way to pair wine and beer with the stuff you have already in your pantry and kitchen, then you’ve got to seek out the advice of Advocate staffers who are well experienced at coming home late after work in need of sustenance for the belly and brain and cobbling something decent out of what’s around.

Hot wings and Mineral Hills Winery‘s Le Tre Sorelle

S’mores and Lefty’s Graham Cracker Porter

Shrimp cocktail and Mount Warner‘s Corot Noir

Eggs at midnight and Fort Hill’s Hera Pils

Bag of Skittles and BBC Steel Rail Pale Ale

Pepperoncini and Berkshire Bourbon Whiskey

Tacos and Amherst Farm Winery Sangria

Barbecue and Brewmaster Jack’s Prinsipia Quad

Jelly Donuts and Iron Duke’s Baby-Maker Porter

Cookies and Stoneman Imperial Double Currant IPA

Ice cream and Northampton Brewery’s Black Cat Stout (your new local Guinness float)

Fried chicken and Pioneer Valley Apple Wine

Pumpkin pie with Wandering Star Sincerest Pumpkin and Butternut Ale

Brussels sprouts and Honest Weight’s Gate 37 Belgian Grisette

Sushi and Element Brewing Company’s Plasma Sake IPA