Facebook Salutes Trump

Editor Kristin Palpini’s lament over Hillary Clinton’s loss to Donald Trump in “Between the Lines: What Might Have Been” drew a bunch of comments:

William G. Petrone: Trump won not because people liked Trump but because people did not want the incompetent, crooked wench as President.

Kristin Palpini: Just like your statement implies: sexism had nothing to do with it.

Joshua David: If Hillary was a man running with her record of criminality she’d have got even less votes.

Clare O’Beirne Brady: Not a chance. She’d be POTUS if she had a penis and she was Sir Edmund Hillary.

Susan Foertsch Kaminski: If you have to manipulate and suppress votes in order to attain the nomination, that is a big clue right there that you might not win the general. And as much as I would like a woman president in this country, there is something seriously wrong with our electoral process if we believe she was the best we had to offer. Our own senator would have been a far better choice.

   Vi Jefferson: Oh, stop! You make women victims! She was a bad candidate who lost because she was corrupt, violated our national security laws, put herself above the law, and ran the most negative campaign on record! She was responsible for her loss!

   Susan Foertsch Kaminski: My point exactly. If we wanted a woman so badly we could have had an honorable one. HRC had to get the nomination through unsavory methods; so why would anyone think she could win the general? It is an embarrassment that so many people think she was so qualified — Not to mention so much baggage that appears to be criminal. Not to mention we don’t need no stinkin’ dynasties.

   Susan Waskewicz: Well, she won more votes than him. Like her or hate her, that’s a fact!

Tom Donohue: The Democrats, with their un-American 460 Super delegates, picked the wrong Candidate. This is what happens when you ignore half your base and rig the primary for the Establishment. Hillary never should have been nominated!

Jenn McFadden: I am thrilled with the outcome! America now has a chance to be great again. I voted for him! Not because I didn’t want her, although I didn’t like her, or her politics. I believe and love the U.S.A. Congratulations, Mr. President!

Dan McCarthy: Waa waa waa.

Curtis McGuire: There’s other female felons to applaud. Get over it, democracy has run its course.

Jim Haney: I’m at peace, 30 years of crooked Clintons, last straw Bill a blow job D.C. Oval Office, and school kids doing on bus.