More Wishes

In response to Hunter Styles’ “Between the Lines: Our Wish List for 2017” posted on Facebook.

James Moses: “In the meantime, we’re trying to wish Hillary out of the woods and back into her pantsuit. Maybe the Clintons should relocate from Chappaqua to Stockbridge, and she — or he! — should challenge Baker for governor. Why not?” … if you even have to ask, Hunter, have ya really learned so little in the two-plus years since Coakley’s predictable defeat? To clarify: hell, no; let those Arkansas folks be consecrated to history’s dustbin … if there’s any chance for the Dems to ever be relevant again before 2020 — or beyond, they had better get a complete transfusion of entirely new, vital, intellectually curious blood (i,e., not Sanders, not Ellison, and most of all, no more damned corporate lawyers.)

Save the EPA

Our current president-elect has claimed that climate change is a hoax perpetuated by the Chinese government. Actually, it is a reality being perpetuated by the Chinese government. Thankfully, we have the Environmental Protection Agency, a cabinet level United States of America government authority, ironically put in place by that Republican paragon, Richard Milhous Nixon.

Now, I for one, could give a shit about “global warming.” What I care about is unchecked industrialism causing pollution of our land, water, and air. Without the federal regulatory powers of the EPA, the U.S. very well might have continued the headlong rush of destruction that causes people in China to have to wear air filters just to go outside in their fair cities.

In contrast, in the U.S., there are rivers, lakes, and lands that once were toxic are recovering for the health of all. That was, and is, the mandate of the EPA, and its continuing legacy.

—Michael D. Joyce,


Aesop Had it Right

It appears that Donald Trump will b e our next president, and I would like to wish him all the luck in the world, but as I observe the passing scene, I have a feeling that we are exchanging King Log for King Stork — with a vengeance.

— Robert Mueller,

West Springfield