MISSED CONNECTIONS: ‘you are sooooooo attractive’

I miss you CB — m4w I can’t tell you how much I miss you. My world is just not the same without you. I need my friend back even if you can’t be more ..... bananaman :( March 27, 2017

If you’ve never checked out Craigslist’s Missed Connection forum, you really should. The following is a samples from the Western Mass forum. Post dates have been added.

RR Restaurant 3/26 — m4w (Spfld)

You are soooo attractive! We exchanged glances multiple times. I don’t want to get into details because that might be embarrassing. I was with … Oops. Well, just though, if anything, you should know how hot you are. We can talk perhaps? April 6, 2017

Valley Medical Group Wed. march 29 Florence — m4w

I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my annual visit around 11:30 am Wednesday the 29th. You came in and sat across from me. I think you had a ring on but not sure, however we kept making eye contact and you looked like you wanted to say hi but you looked very shy. I was also very interested in you. I was hoping you were going to be there when I was waiting to check out. I would have loved to have snuck away with you for an afternoon of fun. April 4, 2017

Estate sale — m4w (Ludlow)

Just by chance you read these, I said good morning too you, have no idea if you where interested in me but I have a funny feeling. I am a Chevy guy! Would you like too tag sale together? April 1, 2017

Brave dancing man with strong arms — w4m (Northampton)

Love live music and can’t not dance. You surprised me by getting up and dancing; rare & brave for a guy who didn’t seem drunk. Then some folks from home ran into me and I didn’t get to talk to you before the place cleared out. Get in touch if you’d like to go out listening/dancing. Not looking to hook up; just like music and dancing. April 1, 2017

Insurance agent — m4w (Hilltown)

Every time I call to talk about my auto policy billing, you go above and beyond to help get things straightened out. We usually end up in a general non-related conversation that seems very comfortable because we both seem to have the same views and sence of humor, which I enjoy, seems like you do too. Just want to say thanks for flirting with me. Makes my day every time. Love your attitude. Can I take you to lunch sometime? Respond with your name if you see this. April 1, 2017

“Do you want a bag for your bag?” — w4m (Northampton)

You came into my work and we laughed about how we’ve both said that line. You seemed sweet, do you want to get a coffee? Let me know where we met so I know it’s you. March 31, 2017

Chain pants on the R41 — m4w

I was already riding the bus into Northampton when you got on. First thing I noticed was your chain pants. I haven’t seen those in forever. You sat near enough to chat and read manga and listened to you headphones. During the ride I missed opportunity after opportunity to strike up a conversation. My nerves twisting like a confused eel. Eventually leading me to only make passing eye contact, but that only left me wanting more. I want to know the person behind the eyes. I can assure you I’m much better at holding a conversation, than starting one. March 30, 2017

red hair and knocking CDs over — m4w

we crossed paths a few times today. you knocked some CDs over. you were very cute and i am very shy! where were we and did you feel as tongue tied as i was? Thanks March 25, 2017

Walked in on me in the bathroom last weekend — m4w (Springfield)

You walked in on me while I was doin my thing. You were in there long enough to have a good look. You could have stayed and done more than look. I think you wanted to. Sometimes its hard to decide how to act in a situation. You are welcome to join me should the situation “arise” again 🙂 March 23, 2017


Author: Compiled By Kristin Palpiniillustration By Catherine Gibbs

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