Hot Haikus

In response to our call on our Facebook page “It is in the 80s today. Someone write a haiku about the weather in the comments”, here’s a few entries from the community:

Massachusetts spring
No rhyme or reason to it
Roller coaster ride

— Frank Giuliano

Hot enough to swim
Spring has only just started
Be prepared for snow

— Wil King

Hey, now I can use
all of these ice cubes in my

— Corey Plucker


Not so Rattled by Rattlers

Thank you for the sensible comments about the rattlesnake relocation being considered at Mount Zion Island at Quabbin Reservoir (“Between the Lines: Rattled by Rattlers, let the snakes slitter” April 6-12, 2017). Just the mention of snakes sends many people into a venomous vituperation, but this needn’t be the case. Unless you are planning to intentionally take a kayak or canoe and walking around Mount Zion to aggressively antagonize snakes, you would have nothing to worry about. I would think it would be kind of a badge of honor for people that enjoy the outdoors and it’s mysteries to tell others that they helped save an endangered species rather than to eradicate one. Mount Tom has rattlesnakes, and has many hikers and outdoor enthusiasts. I don’t recall an instance of a fatal or even serious snake bite. Live and let live seems to be the best serum in this instance.

— William Haley, via email


March Here for Science

I read with interest Naila Moreira’s essay (“Our Science, Ourselves: Trump’s budget cuts are a knife to my heart,” April 13-19, 2017). I am writing to let local people know that there will be a March for Science taking place in Amherst, marching from Kendrick Park to the Common, at 10 a.m. on Saturday, April 22. So for anyone who cannot make the trip to Boston, D.C., or elsewhere, know that you can act right here to show solidarity with science and scientists in our community. Thank you for publishing this great newspaper. I read it cover to cover weekly.

— Elizabeth Farnsworth, Framingham


Release the Trump Tax Returns

This Tax Day, April 15 2017, there were demonstrations in D.C. and around the country. The main point of these demonstrations was to demand that president Trump — like his predecessors going back four decades — release his tax returns. As the veteran investigative journalist David Cay Johnston, economist and lawyer James Henry, as well as other journalists have suggested: Donald Trump may be financially benefiting from policies he is putting in place as president of the United States. Americans from all political corners have the right to evidence that will once and for all show what conflicts of interest may or may not exist with our 45th president — and how they may affect the peace and security of the United States.

— Jason Rennie,  Leverett