If you’ve never checked out Craigslist’s Missed  Connection forum, you really should. The following is a sample from the Western Mass forum. Post dates have been added.

Illustration by Catherine Gibbs

Federal St, You were painting your house — m4w (Greenfield)

About 3:45, I drove down federal street, saw you painting your homes exterior. You looked pretty darn cute. 🙂 If you need a hand or wanted some help, let me know what you were standing on so I know it’s you. This is a long shot, I know, but maybe you’ll read this? April 11, 2017



Parking Garage at the corner or Maj Taylor and MLK BLVD — m4w (Worcester)

Hello, You are the female parking attendant at the garage. We always talk whenever I get there. Im not there often, but always look forward to seeing you. We always seem to talk about the weather since its been so crappy and cold until today… Well at least outside it was. Hope this reaches you. If it does, remind me what else we talked about when I hinted that you were crazy. Hope you didnt take it the wrong way. April 11, 2017


Ludlow — m4w (Ludlow)

I held the door open for you and you said “thanks doll” you were with someone, tell me where you came out of. April 11, 2017


Hi neighbor! — m4w

You: Beautiful & smart. You are a runner and hate yellow jackets.

Me: Somehow unable to get you darned attention despite many a chat! But…you sure got mine. April 11, 2017


Dunkin — m4m (Holyoke)

You admired my car this morning while I waited for my coffee. I was admiring you. Lets chat. April 11, 2017


Woodstar yesterday — m4w

I was sitting outside on my laptop between noon and 1. You walked by to take a seat farther back, it was all i could do to not just turn and stare. When i got up to leave i mustered a small smile, which i think was returned, but i wasnt wearing my glasses, so… I wanted to come over and talk, but had to run — i feel like i blew an opportunity. I know the only thing i know about you is how you looked in your form fitting dress, and that you’re probably a student, which would make me…older. Would love to know more though. Meet over coffee? dinner? Sincerely, Guy on blue laptop. April 11, 2017


Mt Tom Today — m4m (Holyoke MA)

I saw you face to face, I was at the very end of the trail, I had on a black hat, denim hoodie, and black workout tights with black shorts over them. You had black hair combed forward, shorts and I think a dark blue t-shirt and holding on to a water bottle, you were light skin, had a sexy tough walk, had some facial hair, very sexy. You were so hot, but a guy with white hair was right behind you so I kept walking. If this is you, please send me an email and describe something you remember about me. April 10, 2017


railroad st lee — m4w (lee)

hi you yelled out your window something about being friends i work at a what company i have what color hair ponytail lets chat April 9, 2017


need work done — m4w (hill town)

handyman here average body carpentry ,etc older or couple a plus if interest messages me back thanks.Prefer smaller jobs . April 9, 2017


Black jeep Cherokee at a gas station Saturday — m4w (Chicopee)

You were cashing out at the counter, I was directly behind you while you were on the phone swiping your card. You turned around and walked out to pump gas and got back in your jeep. I was in a jacked up truck. You were looking hard, so was I lol anyway if you see this and were interested in a ride some time let me know what you had For an ordermeant on your grill of your jeep and a description of my truck. April 9, 2017


B from Ware — m4w (Ware)

We hooked up in your van of all places a few years back in bondsville. I know you were going through a divorce….never heard from you again. Seeing if you’re still around and maybe interested. April 9, 2017


Shelburne Falls Coffee — m4w (Hadley)

Held the door for you this morning (Thursday) after we both got our orders filled ‘cause it looked like you had your hands full. You managed just fine, though, and I kinda felt like an idiot. Your face lit up, you flashed a kind smile and thanked me anyway. Missed moment for sure! 99.999% chance you never see this, but it would be amazing if you did. April 7, 2017