Compiled by Kristin Palpini

The Missed Connections forum on Craigslist is a wasteland of terrible poetry, dick pics, and whining, but among the detritus are some truly fascinating, funny, and occasionally sweet entries. The following are highlights from the Western Mass Missed Connections forum, sans detritus.

You look over the fence — m4w (Springfield)

I don’t mind really. Caught you a few times. It’s okay. I kind of like that you are interested. You should feel free to speak to me. Regardless of what is going on. I don’t bite. I am actually very friendly. Repeat today maybe? June 8, 2017

The man from the windy city — m4m (Springfield)

Long shot here but we hook up a few time and we had a good time .U moved from chicago a year u have the most amazing eyes. We talked on the grindr app. I know where u live so if u can discride u place i know it u. Hit me up . June 13, 2017

Sexy Older UPS Guy — m4m (Pittsfield)

Longshot here but I think we might have had a connection you came into my place of work in the Coltsville area this morning to drop off a few boxes that you took to the back then you came back up front for my signature glad you did since you were even sexier up close where I could see your sexy chest hair and handsome face drop me a line if you happen to see this and are interested just tell me where I work and possibly my last name since you had to ask that after I signed any other UPS guy who read this as well feel free to drop me a line as well haha June 12, 2017

Cumbies — m4w (Pittsfield)

To the beautiful woman who smile at me. I just wanted to say I loved your ink. Did you like mine? June 12, 2017

Stone Dam and Maybe Food City Parking Lot — m4m (Turners Falls)

You were ahead of me as I came along woods trail to stone dam. You stopped at picnic table, smiled and said hello. I walked down to the water. Saturday, June 10. I may have seen you in the Food City parking lot the next day. I sure liked your smile. Describe something about me, you or both. June 12, 2017

Maybe — m4w (Springfield)

Probably never gonna see this but here’s a try I’m pretty sure we used to go to school together maybe you seemed real familiar to me I didn’t want to at anything because didn’t want to seem crazy with maybe your girl with you there. Anyways saw you at oreileys today wearing yellow if you see this maybe you recognized me or something more than I did you June 11, 2017

hadley vacuums sunday morning- blue dress — m4w

you were a stunning vision i was next to you and you had a black car. you were looking for the spray. i was looking for any reason to talk to you. shot in the dark here but how about coffee or a drink sometime. June 11, 2017

Inspirit — m4w (Northampton)

I clearly wasn’t ready for such an intense flow of energy; it was lucid, it was radiant, it was heavy. And yet, you were, in every sense, graceful and fair, floating through the air. I needed to get close again and get a second dose, and so I did, and I excused myself, but it felt better than the steady tones of those singing bowls. I hope to run into you once more and vibe off of your frequency. June 10, 2017

Colorful Pants on Florence Bike Path Around 9 AM Saturday — m4w (Florence)

Hi there, if there is a one in a million chance you might find this, its worth a shot. I biked by you this morning just before 9, on the bike path in Florence. It was right in the center behind the bank. You were walking, wearing colorful pants and shades. Had a small purse. We exchanged smiles and hello’s. You had the most refreshing look about you. As if you were just soaking in the morning and enjoying the present moment. It was really nice and super beautiful. It made my day just to cross paths and have a sweet exchange. Yet, I thought to myself — now that is a person I would really like to to know more about and be in good company with! Couldn’t tell how old you might be with the shades, but I think we are both about same peer group. So if by one in a million chance you get this and want to soak more present moments in — but with company, then hit me back. What color was your purse and anything about me notable? June 10, 2017

Noho Brewery

You: Blonde, blue eyes, tattooed, purple shoes. You were standing against the wall with a group near my table. Wasn’t sure if you were with that girl. Please does anyone know who this man is. June 10, 2017

cool couple at The Deck — mw4mw (Hamp)

Hope you see this or if you think you know them let them know to look here. Cool 40ish couple at the deck, You are sports fans and so are we! We see you two there all the time and look like a fun couple to hang with and who else knows?! Both brown hair and HWP. Last time she had on a short skirt, heels and nylons, he had on jeans and a blue polo. We like to go Fri and Sat nights. Hope to see you or reply to this. June 8, 2017



Sexy older man … — w4m (Pittsfield)

I’m sure there is no way you will see this and even if you do you probably won’t know it’s about you since I can’t be very specific and risk getting myself (or you) in trouble. I saw you today for the first time in like a month … you are married and even if you weren’t you’re too old for me, but I still think you’re so sexy. I told you to have a drink for me and you said that you’re on a diet. If that rings a bell then you know who I am … if you feel the same then email me and tell me what my name is. June 5, 2017

Sushi and grinder — m4w (Big Y West Springfield)

Saw you Friday, I forgot about my neice’s graduation. My son handed you a ticket. Perhaps you would like to cash it in? June 4, 2017