Iron Horse  Entertainment Group Under Fire

Several readers took issue with what they perceived as a lack of interest in the local music scene from IHEG in the comments section and on Facebook in last week’s cover story, “Behind the Music,” July 13-19, 2017. Here are a few examples.

Austin Hatch: As a member of a local band, we DO have some power to change this. My band won’t play IHEG venues, and we’ve turned down booking requests several times. Yes, it limits some opportunities for us, but we decided— as we hope more bands will — that it’s worth trading those bigger rooms for a fairer, better musical community in the Valley, which includes safer, cleaner, better venues with promoters who really do what they’re paid to do — promote!

The Great Decay: IHEG cares about 1 thing and that is money! They don’t care about art or music. If they did they would be supporting small local artists in some way shape or form and helping them grow into bigger well know acts. But since they only care about money their clearly stated approach is go and build yourself and then when you can make us money we’ll find you. The promoters covered in this piece are amazing people and truely care about art and music. They work their butts off for local music. I have worked with some of them and can’t not say enough good things about what they do for the western mass music scene.

Michael Merrill: Great article. Promotorhead setting a standard!

Contra Dancing Is Not Political

As avid and frequent contra dancers we were pleased to see [Dave Eisenstadter’s] excellent piece about it in your recent Staycation issue [“Long Live The Staycation,” June 29-July 5, 2017]. We do think it does a bit of a disservice, however, by describing it as “sort of the lefty-liberal version of square dancing.” While there may indeed be many “lefty-liberals” present, partly (I believe) to be as inclusive as possible, political views are very rarely presented or discussed except in private conversations between dancers. I know for a fact that there is a broad spectrum of political and cultural views as well as of ages (pre-teens and younger through folks in their 90s!), and abilities represented at typical dances in our area. We are there to dance and through dancing we build and experience an inclusive community. I hope anyone, regardless of political or cultural stripe will consider this awesome, fun, friendly activity.

Gary Powsner and Christy Grecsek, Sunderland

Thanks, Advocate!

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your thoughtful review of my exhibit with Caren Hyde at the ECA Gallery [“In a Different Light,” July 13-19, 2017]. What a wonderful write-up. And what an unexpected and welcome surprise. Most importantly, thanks for promoting the arts here in the Valley. I’m glad you enjoyed the show.

Dave Rothstein,