Amherst Town Hall: Echoes of the Past — Photographs of Abandoned Places explores the beauty of decay and what’s been left behind. Through Sept. 4. Free. Amherst Town Hall, 4 Boltwood Ave., Amherst. (413) 222-4924.

Amherst Visitor’s Center: Pioneer Valley Perspectives II. Susan Dion will share art depicting local scenes in Western Mass. Portion of proceeds goes to Trustees of Reservations. Aug. 3-25. Free. 35 South Pleasant St., Amherst.

Anchor House of Artists: Kevin Bouricius — 50 Visions. Painter Bouricius (b. 1951) has developed his visionary oeuvre in relative obscurity since he began painting in 1968. Through Aug. 12. 518 Pleasant St., Northampton. (413) 588-4337,

A.P.E. Gallery: Incision Objects/ Sound Installation by Jake Meginsky: Sound installation, sinewaves, transducers,glass, metal, wood, and gallery vibrating at resonant frequencies in patterns determined by hei. Free. A.P.E., 126 Main St., Northampton. (413) 586-5553.

Applewood: Eclectic Photography. By Judith Ruderman. Free. 1 Spencer Dr., Amherst. (413) 253-9833.

Barstow’s Dairy Store and Bakery: Artist of the month: Kristi Bart. Nature photography. Free. 172 Hockanum Road, Hadley. (413) 586-2142,,

Berkshire Art Museum: VOLUME. Contemporary sculpture plus permanent collection/Iceberg-Robotic Art/ Chapel for Humanity. Exhibiting work during the show are local artists Daniel Bellow, Keith Bona, Rebekah Diamantopoulos, Peter Dudek, Jan Edwards, Patricia Fietta, Patrick Horsley, Howard Itzkowitz, Connie Kiener, Robert Kieronski, David Lachman, George Le Maitre, Paul McMullan, Taj Mongiardo, Linda O’Brien, Opie O’Brien, Derek Parker, Aysha Peltz, Len Poliandro, Henry Richardson, Lynn Richardson, Linda Ruberto, Gail Kolls Sellers, Phil Sellers, Maria Siskind, Max Spitzer, William Sweet, Natalie Tyler, Todd Wahlstrom and Robert Wilk. Free. 159 E. Main Street, North Adams. (413) 664-9550,

The Clark: Picasso: Encounters. Through Aug. 27.

• As In Nature: Helen Frankenthaler paintings. Through Oct. 9.

• No Rules: Helen Frankenthaler Woodcuts. Through Sept. 24.

• Orchestrating Elegance. Alma-Tadema and design. Through Sept. 4.

• An Inner World. Seventeenth-century Dutch genre painting. Through Oct. 1.

• Thomas Schutte: Crystal. Through Oct. 31. 22 South St., Williamstown. (413) 459-2303,

The Eric Carle Museum: David Wiesner & The Art of Wordless Storytelling. The exhibition features 70 original watercolors for some of Wiesner’s most famous books, including three for which he won the prestigious Caldecott Medal: Tuesday (1992), The Three Pigs (2002), and Flotsam (2007). Through Nov. 5.

• What’s Your Favorite Color? Eric Carle’s newest publication, What’s Your Favorite Color? poses the age-old question to fifteen famous children’s book artists. Each responds with a unique illustration and a personal story. Through Aug. 27.

• Collecting Inspiration: Contemporary Illustrators and Their Heroes. Picture books instill in children a sense of awe, magic, and wonderment, but who inspires the illustrators themselves? Through Nov. 27. $6-$22. 125 West Bay Road, Amherst. (413) 559-6300,

Gallery A3: 4th Annual Juried Show. Juried by Eva Fierst, education curator at University Museum of Contemporary Art. Through Sept. 2. 28 Amity St., Amherst. (413) 256-4250,,

Gallery in the Woods: Nicheibei: Contempoary Japanese Folk Art Pottery. Mikio Matsumoto and Cheryl Constantini trained in Japan and have worked as a team since 1985. Classic glazes meet contemporary design.

• Nika Feldman: Shadow Soul Silhouette Project. Artist/activist Nika Feldman’s installation wall, deconstructing the prominent visual identities of costume: form,color and pattern.

• Richard Heller, paintings in oil. The paintings explore two themes, an interest in pattern and why we are wired in such a way as to be attracted to it and a way to make paintings that are improvisational and carry the immediacy of the creative process.

• William Hays: Recent Linocuts. Hays’ work captures the unique and magical landscape, architecture, and sense of place in nature, including Southern Vermont.

• Tribal Art of Mexico. Zapotec Masters fantasy woodcarving, Huichol Sacred Yarn Paintings, embroidery and weaving home decor. 145 Main St., Brattleboro. (802) 257-4777,,

The Elusie Gallery: Looking Back, Looking Forward. Known for their quilts and clocks Susan Boss and Mark Brown have been artists forever, and a couple for almost as long. Discover their new artistic direction. Through Sept. 2. Free. 43 Main Street, Easthampton. (413) 529-9265,

The Greenfield Gallery: Be Bold. Be Brave. By Donna Estabrooks. Through August. 231 Main St., Greenfield. (413) 772-9334,

Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center: Paintings by Anna Bayles Arthur of Northampton. Through Aug. 22. Free. 289 Main St., Greenfield.

Historic Northampton: Reframing Northampton: A Contemporary View of the Howes Brothers. Sara Lyons revisited and re-photographed a number of homes documented by the Howes Brothers over 100 years ago. Free. 46 Bridge St, Northampton. (413) 584-6011,

Hope & Feathers Framing and Gallery: Kim Carlino — Visions of a Fragmented Landscape, Part I. Through Sept. 2. Free. 319 Main St., Amherst. (413) 835-0197,

Hosmer Gallery: Secrets of the Sea, a photography exhibit by Shannon Ryan. Through Aug. 31.

• Lisa Yeisley: Drawings Portraits. Through Aug. 31.

• Raymond Radigan: Paintings of abandoned buildings. Through Aug. 31. Free. 20 West St, Northampton.

Jones Library: Let Us Consider Walden. An exhibit exploring Henry David Thoreau’s influence on Amherst-area writers, Clifton Johnson and Robert Francis.

• One Soldier’s Story: Richard Carpenter in World War I. A display of photographs and memorabilia from Richard Carpenter (1896-1935), who served in World War I.

• Highways & Byways of the South: Photographs by Clifton Johnson. 43 Amity St, Amherst.

Lathrop Community: Ancestors Art Exhibit by Brigita Fuhrmann. This exhibition brings to existence people, who may have lived more than one hundred years ago, in the houses that are still part of New England towns. Free. 100 Bassett Brook Drive, Easthampton. (413) 586-0006,

Little Big House Gallery: An Aluminus Centipedus Evolution. Glenn Ridler’s new wire sculptures. Free. 323 Patten Road, Shelburne. (413) 625-6697,

MASS MoCA: Barbara Takenaga: Nebraska. At a scale unprecedented in her practice, Takenaga translates her meticulous handcrafted easel-sized work to wallpaper. Through October.

• Michael Oatman: All Utopias Fell. A project in three parts: The Shining, The Library of the Sun, and Codex Solis.

• Earmarks II: The World of MASS MoCA in sound.

• Janice Kerbel: Slip. Through 2018.

• Julianne Swartz in Harmonicity, the Tonal Walkway. Over the years Swartz has returned again and again to using the human voice, recording singers both professional and amateur to create moving works that embrace visitors with sound and emotion.

• Anselm Kiefer. The artist often builds his imagery on top of photographs, layering his massive canvases with dirt, lead, straw, and other materials that generate a “ground” that reads literally of the earth itself. $8-$18. 1040 MASS MoCA Way, North Adams. (413) 662-2111,

Mount Greylock State Reservation Visitor Center: Thoreau at 200 — Wisdom of the Phenomenal World. Photography of Robert Richardson captures the intimate view of Thoreau’s perception with 13 stunning, abstract images and miniature landscapes. Free. 30 Rockwell Road, Lanesborough. (413) 339-4701.

Leverett Crafts and Arts: Crafted Cloth Exhibit at the Barnes. An exhibit by Leonore Alaniz and others. Art fabrics and garments, artisan textiles by indigenous and local artisan-designers.

• Bill Rathbun. Oil paintings. 13 Montague Road, Leverett. (860) 605-6705,

Oresman Gallery, Hillyer, Brown Fine Arts Center: Calligraphic Visions: Paintings Based on Letter Forms and Text. Thirteen paintings by Robert Moorhead based on his letterforms and texts. Through Aug. 30. Free. 22 Elm St., Northampton. (413) 585-2190,

Oxbow Gallery: Group show in the front and Janet Palin in the back. Free. 273 Pleasant St., Northampton. (413) 586-6300,,

Shelburne Arts Co-op: The Green Show. Second annual group show honoring Shelburne Falls. Through Aug. 28.

• Along the River. Paintings, prints, photographs, mixed media, fiber, and glass art. 26 Bridge St., Shelburne Falls. (413) 256-1840,

Porter-Phelps-Huntington Museum: Undulated Inundation. By Anthony DiMari, this outdoor exhibit looks at floods. Free. 130 River Dr., Hadley. (413) 584-4699,,

Salmon Falls Gallery: Tom Wyatt: Illusion and Reflection. Photographs on metal. Through Aug. 27.

• Trina Sears Sternstein: Imagined Landscapes. Oil paintings inspired by Western Mass landscapes. Reception, Saturday, Aug. 12, 4-6 p.m. Through Aug. 27.

Springfield Museums: Exploring the World of Fairy Tales. Visitors will be whisked away into fairy tales from around the world! Each classic story is represented in larger-than-life pages with hands-on activities.

• Allegro, Pleiades and Nocturne. A sculptural ensemble by award winning master sculptor Andrew DeVries, on view outside of the Blake Café. The artist has been casting in bronze in his Huntington, Massachusetts studio since 1985. Through Oct. 29.

• Chagall for Children. Focusing on the works of Marc Chagall, this one-of-a-kind experience is a unique approach to introducing families to art through the life and work of a master artist, helping children and adults alike develop a greater understanding and appreciation of all forms of artistic expression. Through Sept. 17. 21 Edwards St., Springfield.

Thirsty Mind Cafe: Painting the Light. Oil paintings of local landmarks and iconic scenes by local artist Jonathan Wilhelm. Free. 23 College St., South Hadley. (413) 539-3265,

Three Sisters Sanctuary: The Mannequin Project. International beadwork artists create an intricate mosaic and beaded art sculptural installation. Richard M. Richardson, James Kitchen, Robert Markey, Sam Meyers, Dana Salisbury, and John Stritch, too. Free. 188 Cape St. (Rte. 112), Goshen. (413) 552-6299.

Yiddish Book Center: Loli Kantor, Beyond the Forest: Jewish Presence in Eastern Europe. Through Oct. 15. 1021 West St, Amherst.

Williams College Museum of Art: Oral Archives + Lex and Love. Explore artist Meleko Mokgosi’s use of language and the unexpected connections between narrative painting and traditions of oral history. Through Sept. 17. Free. 15 Lawrence Hall Dr., Williamstown.