The Missed Connections forum on Craigslist is a wasteland of terrible poetry, dick pics, and whining, but among the detritus are some truly fascinating, funny, and occasionally sweet entries. The following are highlights from the Western Mass Missed Connections forum, sans detritus.

shelburne falls walking — m4w (shelburne falls)

was driving a car and almost crashed into the crosswalk sign looking at you, you stopped and laughed … what was I driving 🙂 I wanted to ask you out but needed to get outta the middle of the road oy Sept. 6, 2017

YOU LEFT A NOTE ON MY WINDSHIELD — m4w (Hampshire Mall/Target)

So you left a note on my windshield at the mall… Yes, I read it. Yes, I am interested. You didn’t leave a number or email address sooo ….what else can I do? lol. You commented on the way my 2 little girls were dressed like Elsa from Frozen. Yeah, they love that movie. And no, I’m not married, divorced. Sept. 5, 2017

You get me (Hamp)

Talking to you last night was the highlight of my reawakening, as a socially and intimately conscious human in search of kindred love. Thank you for your kindness, I’m in love with you, though circumstances dictate restraint and discretion. You move me. I’m so enamoured. Blush. MWA XOXOXO 🙂 Sept. 6, 2017

RE: You get me (Hamp)

For all the married people who meet someone new and realize that spark is there, but it’s too late now — we’re already committed. It just feels good to know that someone understands. She knows I love her and I know she loves me back. People say marriage is a lot of sacrifice. This is one of those sacrifices… Sept. 7, 2017

The girl in the white and black dress — m4w (Northampton)

You were wear a black and white striped dress, mid length brown boots and dark hair. You were with your friend wearing a a pale green dress. Around 1pm you crossed the street infront of Sylvesters from deals n steals, night owl tattoo heading to the center of Northampton. I was in the silver lifted jeep. You did more than a double take and even a casual look over your shoulder as you walked down the street. I got 5min down the highway And turned around cause I had to find you and at least say hello. I drove around for 30min and walked around for a hour. In the unlikely chance that you see this then hit me up. Sept. 4, 2017

M. from South Hadley — m4w

Please contact me T. from your past that screwed up and didn’t stay with you big mistake please contact me. Sept. 3, 2017

R. — w4m (Art cinema)

You rocked my world several weeks ago … i gave you the wrong #. So sorry.pls contact me … ill b your sub Sept. 3, 2017

A Fire Inside Me — m4w (East Longmeadow)

K.T., I’ve been trying to reach you for a very long time. The last time I saw you was that your job as a manager at a hardware store. I am looking for you because I heard about the note you wrote my mother after I left you many years ago. My mother just recently told me about that note that you wrote to her and I think I made a mistake — I should have picked you. Anyways if you read this or one of your friends or family reads this and find you please get ahold of me — B. Sept. 3, 2017


You shared your drink with me. I smoked a joint with your sister. Your mom was here. Liked our convo. Shot in the dark of you see this get back to me. Sept. 2, 2017