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All the Best to Kristin Palpini

Many readers took the opportunity to respond to editor Kristin Palpini’s farewell editorial (“Riding Off Into The Sunset, Y’all,” Oct. 12-18, 2017). Here are some of the responses:

Go get ‘em Kristin! All the best to you as you head out on your next adventure.

—Nancy Newton, website comment

Oh no! Best of luck to you!

—Mandy Pachios, Facebook

You did a really good job, Kristin! Congratulations, thank you, and happy trails.

—David Sokol, website comment

I hope they carry on your approach.

—Lisa Marie Ellingsen, Facebook

I will miss your articles!

—Janessa Acquaro, Facebook

Best of luck to you…. You will be missed.

—Michael J. Noonan, website comment

I have enjoyed watching your growth as a journalist, starting when you were an intern on my team at the Gazette. On to the next adventure!

—Joan Livingston, Facebook

I so admired you, Kristin, back in 2003 for your very first article on Southampton. Your passion, interest, and stamina separate you from many. Keep on, keepin’ on. Your loyal fan,

—Robert Floyd, website comment

Good luck Kristin Palpini! Keep us posted on your next adventure.

—Crystal Macken, Facebook

You are a great great editor! Will miss you!

—Trace Lara Hentz, website comment

Awesome, Kristin! Best to you!

—Gina DiStefano Fernandez, Facebook

You’re awesome and are probably gonna stay that way.

—Mikey Sweet, Facebook


Was Dave Ratner Duped by Trump?

Dave Ratner of Dave’s Soda and Pet City said he was “duped” into going to the White House to witness a further dismantling of the Affordable Care Act. So, of all the small business owners around the country why was he chosen to attend? Given the cunning “divide and conquer” nature of the current administration and Republican party in the White House, it would not surprise me if Dave was selected solely because he is a successful small business person in one of the most liberal towns within one of America’s bluest states. How better to “normalize” such horrible policy? Still, I’m holding out on shopping at Dave’s. There’s no excuse in ever supporting an admitted sexual predator; a selfish, greedy, racist, narcissistic, vengeful toddler.

—Wendy Spencer, Holyoke