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A Few (Satirical) Words from A. Dolfhit Ler

The alt-right gets a bad rap from the liberal media. The president’s right, you can’t paint all the fascists with a broad brush. There’s so many of them now that you’d have to use spray paint. The truth is, most Nazis are good people and some of my best friends are klansman. They just get a little carried away making America great again. The recent racist revival is really President Obama’s fault (isn’t everything?) and simply the normal white backlash against the first black president. If Obama had been one of us, none of this would be happening.

Wikimedia Commons

This isn’t your grandfathers KKK. Today’s Klansmen are regular people just like you and me. Honestly who’s a better neighbor, a humble Klansman or some narco-eco-pinko terrorist drug-addicted Democrat? The Klan tried starting an affirmative action program to get woman, blacks and Jews to join. But so-called minorities prefer to stay in their own separate but equal extremist groups like the JDL, the NOW, and the NFL.

Okay, I’ll admit that maybe in the 1940’s the German Nazis might have gone a little too far sometimes, but only if you admit that today’s leftist extremist groups like Planned Parenthood and The Sierra Club are morally equivalent. The truth is that the Nazi of yesterday is a Neanderthal compared to today’s new and improved neo-Nazi. They aren’t racists, they just want their country back; blacks back to Africa, Jews back to Israel, and gays back to where ever it was they came from. I heard it was out of some closet in Greenwich Village.

Traditional American values like (insert your favored form of fascism here) made our country what it is today. Where would we be if we hadn’t equally oppressed all those people who aren’t one of us? We’d be a minority in our own country and we’d have to self-deport ourselves to England, Australia, or maybe New Zealand. What other countries speak American? But I digress. Let’s give the alt-right a chance. Like the man said, “What have you got to lose?”

—A. Dolfhit Ler (aka Andy Morris-Friedman), Hadley

Save the Ledges or at Least its Natural Beauty

The Ledges Golf Course in South Hadley is suffering a financial crisis likely to meet its fate as a golfer’s paradise, perhaps a year from now. But what becomes of this scenic piece of real estate is what really matters. People of the Pioneer Valley are deserving of every chance to preserve this area for its recreational potential and opportunities. A trove of low impact recreational activities such as hiking, biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter months and trail running and training utilized by schools in the area are just a smidgen of the possibilities. Not to mention perhaps a nature learning center for environmental studies. Point made; keep the area natural and pristine.

—Bill Paul, Chicopee

Keep Boston Away from Western Mass

In your article, “Waiting on the Train,” (Oct. 26 – Nov. 1, 2017) you left out a major issue in this discussion, which is how that will affect quality of life in the Pioneer Valley. As soon as you have a high speed train to Boston, then the whole Pioneer Valley slowly shifts to becoming a commuter suburb of Boston. This would totally and negatively affect the quality of life here. Think of all the people who moved here to get away from the more highly compressed energy of the metro areas. I certainly did. Once a town becomes a commuter town for a larger city, its basic nature changes, and for the worse. Is that really what you want for the Pioneer Valley?

—Ric Weinman, email