What do you get when you take feel-good surfer boy vocal harmonies, Dick Dale-inspired guitar, some goodness and light, add a pinch of The Cure, fold in a lot of synth, and some bubble gum? You get the Sunshine Brothers Inc., an Amherst-grown trio of adorable young men who will also be featured on Advocate Sessions on Friday, March 16. They’ve got a good sound and they’ve recently released their first EP called The Sunshine Tape. They’re shining their light on the Iron Horse tonight at 10 p.m. Coupled with Hadley’s Snowhaus, it’s sure to be a night of bouncing post adolescent joy; more importantly, it’s gonna to let the sun shine in. Sunshine Brothers Inc. along with Snowhaus at the Iron Horse, 20 Center St, Northampton. Tickets are $10 advance/13 at the door. 413-586-8686.