If you haven’t noticed, winter and spring are in an epic battle for dominance; my money is on spring because nobody puts spring in a corner. Today, however, winter is landing another merciless flurry of punches and opening a great big can of whoop a**.  And if you haven’t noticed, just about everything is closed — except Netflix.  Netflix is home to a seemingly endless number of series, movies, documentaries, cartoons, stand up comedy and more. Granted, some of it’s crap, but the selection is so huge it’s hard not to find several shows you’ll want to binge.  Recommendations: The End Of The F***ing World (hysterical) Stranger Things (of course), Black Mirror, The Crown, Master of None (the show truly moves into the territory of gorgeous after a while), the OA, The Indian Detective, and Chewing Gum. If you don’t have a Netflix account, sign up for a free trial month here.  You can stream it on your computer and every other device your face is attached to.