Pick of the Day 3/29: The Take at the Pioneer Valley Workers Center

The Take is a documentary film made in 2004 about a group of unemployed Argentinian auto-workers who decided to restart the plant where they used to work as a cooperatively owned business. Using archival footage, director Avi Lewis and writer Naomi Klein give a often unseen look at a group of radical workers who just want to work, but end up fighting the police, the government, and globalization. The event is being hosted by the Pioneer Valley Workers Center and costs 2 to 15 dollars on a sliding scale. All proceeds will go to the PVWC Solidarity Fund that supports low-wage workers and immigrants who organize to take collective action in the Pioneer Valley. The screening starts at 6 p.m. at 20 Hampton Ave Suite 200 in Northampton.

Author: Meg Bantle

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