Pick of the Day 4/14: Matali Shaka Banda Oneness Project

“I’m trying to represent who I am and the way I’m trying to be, making sure my art and my life are one,” says jazz saxophonist Matali Shaka Banda.  “I think a lot of artists preach a certain way but don’t live that way. Or attempt to live a certain way, but their music reflects something else. I want to make music that reflects everything I am and everything that I’m trying to be — no bullshit.” So there. Banda and his group released their CD Rites of Passage late last year to critical acclaim. He’s at The Parlor Room tonight.  Go get a dose of this: “Black music is always revolutionary and always on that tip because our existence is political. Whether we try to separate it or not separate it, it’s always going to be political.”

Author: Gina Beavers

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